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Log Entry 1 – Devils Lake

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First day out. Of course, no first day would be complete without a nice storm. After 7 hours of driving (hello Chicago, hope I don’t drive through you again), I had to make a decision. Set up camp in the rain, or sit in my car for even longer and hope the rain clears up. Not much of a decision; I was getting out of that car.


And of course the rain stopped as soon as I was done setting up camp. Should I have waited? Nope. Taking calculated risks is kinda the definition of an adventure. If I wanted to avoid getting wet, I should have stayed home. I no longer needed my rain coat, but I wore it anyways. That was the fastest way of getting it dry.


After a nice supper of chicken, broccoli, and crisps, it was time for some music. I miss the piano, cello, and guitar, but there is no room for them in the car. The mandolin gets some overdue attention. After playing a bit, I noticed I had gained a small audience.


heh, get it? “Small” audience?


After reading a little, my climbing partner arrives. But Nathan deserves his own entry.