Improving My Whisperlite Stove

I love the MSR Whipserlite. It is reliable, light, and compact, but what sets it above the rest is its versatile when it comes to fuel. White gas, kerosene, and unleaded gasoline are all good to burn. I also really like using refillable fuel bottles. No waste or extra bulk from canisters (also more economical).

The downside to the Whipserlite? It only has two settings: off and inferno. That is unless you do a quick and easy mod to it.

simmerdiagramAll you need is a file to shave down the aluminum. Do be careful that you don’t go back too far, or you will lose the ability to turn off the fuel.

By making a curve on the tip, we can now partially block the flow instead of completely cutting it off. We now have a bit of range when it comes to heat control.

Something else that can help is making sure you don’t pressurize the pump too much. It is easier to add more pressure than to let some out. (Safer too)


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