Log Entry 10 – Matt

Wednesday evening I met Matt. In the parking lot at Wrinkled Rock, he approached me and asked if I wanted to climb. Well, it wasn’t that simple. His French accent was fairly thick. But after a couple of tries, I got the message and said I would love to climb.


First I needed to eat supper though. I found some eggs and was trying to light my stove, but it had been giving me some trouble lately and finally decided to quit. Clogged fuel line I think. Matt brought out his stove and then dinner was on its way.

Matt is an extremely generous person. Not only did he let me use his stove, but when it came time to climb he gave me a chalk bag. He said he brought two with him and he really didn’t need it. The gift was very much appreciated.


Not only was he generous with his possessions, but he gave freely of his time. Being from the French Alps, he was a very experienced climber having done 5.12-5.13 routes. But he was happy doing 5.7-8 routes with me. His perspective was any time spent climbing rocks was a good time. He also said that if you are not relaxed and having fun, you shouldn’t be climbing.


Matt also had some big goals. He was riding his bike from Montreal down to Argentina. When I asked him why, he said, “For the travel and adventure.” He was already two months in and had set aside two years for the journey.

As he pedaled away, I was sad wondering if I would ever see him again, but glad for him to live his own adventure.


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