Log Entry 12 – Mt Rushmore

Today Matt pedaled off on his bike. Devil’s Tower was his next destination. Without another lead climber, Nicole and I couldn’t do any sport routes. So it was a good time to teach more about the gear and techniques used to climb safely.


We climbed to the top of Wrinkled Rock and set up a rap station. I always consider rappelling the scariest part of climbing, but Nicole descended without problem. We also rapped off an overhang to a fun free-hanging descent. We then went over toprope belaying. I took a couple of deliberate falls, and she did a great job of catching me.

After lunch, it was time for them to move on. Since they don’t live too far from me, we discussed maybe climbing together again sometime. Now alone for the first time in days, it is time to “clean house.” Really this means just organizing the car, doing dishes, and realizing that I need to clean myself.


I head to Horsethief Lake in hopes to bathe. Unfortunately there are signs that say no swimming. So I hike up a trail that follows the creek feeding into the lake. Finding a nice little pool and waterfall, I wash up a bit. The cold water provides a sharp contrast to the warm air.

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