Log Entry 13 – Mt Rushmore

Today I woke up to a pancake breakfast being prepared for climbers in the Wrinkled Rock parking lot. Not having a climbing partner for today, I figured this would be a good chance to make some connections. After helping flip flapjacks, I head off with the Reeds to climb Dirty Ernie.


For them, this is a family event. Matt and his wife climb with their three daughters. Leading up the route, I set a toprope. All of them tried it, but Matt was the only one to send. It started to rain, so I climbed up to clean the anchors. As I was at the top of the spire, the lightning was getting quite close. Just incentive to work faster.


Not expecting the rain, I had left my car windows open, so I was wet along with almost everything I had. The couple that had organized the breakfast graciously invited me to dry out at their house. The kindness of people I have met has amazed me. I am so thankful for a chance to take a real shower, wash my clothes in something other than a stream or bucket, and sleep in a warm bed.

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