Log Entry 15 – Back in the Black Hills

I left from Devil’s Tower early Monday morning to meet up with Dan in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota. We were climbing at the Skeletal Remains wall which has the worst rock in the canyon, but a short approach and a good number of moderate climbs in close proximity. It was originally bolted to be a winter climbing area because of the southern exposure. We were not there in the winter. It was rather hot. But we did get about 10 pitches climbed. It was great to be able to get that many climbs in a day.


Tuesday was a much needed rest day for me. My toes were sore from the crack climbing at Devil’s Tower, the tendons in my elbow and shoulder were hurting badly, and the skin on my fingers was disappearing. So I wrote, edited pictures, and made a silver necklace for Renee. She and her husband, Dave, have been so kind to me. I am very grateful for them. Dave thought what I needed to finish my rest day was mountain biking. I have never done anything like that before, but I must say that it is far more scary than rock climbing.


Wednesday: Today I was going to take Renee to Spearfish Canyon. She had never been there but it was on her ticklist. It looked like rain was coming in around lunch time, so we hurried to beat the rain. We didn’t. The Sunshine wall was rather wet. So we went into town, got some guidebooks and talked to other climbers. Renee and Dave are going to Denver, so they were trying to figure out where to climb. We happened on some Colorado climbers and they had great beta. I guess the rain had a reason. While we were out we decided to check Skeletal Remains since it was at the opposite side of the canyon as Sunshine. The rock was remarkably dry, so we got a bit of climbing in.


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