Log Entry 23 – Ten Sleep

Today Mark and Abby were celebrating their anniversary, so it was best if I didn’t climb with them. Glenna and Earl suggested I talked to a group of ladies camping down the road. They said they are old time friends and were nice people. So I joined up with Wendy, Drew, and Demetria.


We went to the lower part of the canyon in an area called “The Ice Plant”. There is a huge crack in the rock and a frigid blast blows through it. Very refreshing on a hot Wyoming day. We started off on some awesome 10s and then split up. Drew and I went to a classic 10c while Wendy and Demetria went farther up the canyon. I have not sent a 10c yet, but I hopped on the lead. Close to the top my feet popped off the rock and I was within a foot of hitting a ledge. Drew was watching me closely and took in the slack as I fell. A good belay saves the day.


Once we were done with that route we went to find the other part of the group. On the way, part of the trail gave away and I took a bit of a tumble. Through a cactus of course. Eventually we found Demetria and Wendy on a sweet 10c. I followed a slightly overhanging dihedral crack up 30-something meters. A long haul and it used every bit of the rope. Being long limbed, I love stemming dihedrals. I lead up and as is my habit, I went off route at the last bolt. I had made a big move out from the crack to the face of the arete. A mistake that could not be reversed. So I had to swing on the rope back to the route. There goes my chance to onsight a 10c.

After a break, I tried an 11a. I made pretty good progress but not a send. If I had time to really work at it, I think I could get it. But I don’t have time. So afterwards I got on a 10. I was completely bushed at this point and took a pretty good whipper on it as I was trying to clip a bolt. With nothing more to give, I ended my climbing day.


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