Log Entry 25 – Traveling to Yellowstone

Today I packed up camp and said goodbye to Ten Sleep. I really loved the climbing here but I definitely need a break. The rock is pretty rough on the fingers and shoes.


After refilling my water supply in the Ten Sleep Creek, I made my way towards Yellowstone. An uneventful day of driving through the beautiful landscape. As I was passing through Cody I saw a climbing gear shop and stopped in to get new shoes. They are tight and a little painful, but I think they will work out well.


After Cody I went north to find a campsite. The land in this area is absolutely amazing. Though driving from 5000 feet to 10000 feet in short period of time doesn’t really give one a chance to acclimate to the elevation. I am feeling a bit lightheaded and nauseous.

I made my camp on a granite ledge overlooking a nice lake. And I did give my new shoes a test drive on the rock.


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