Log Entry 26 – Yellowstone


Sometimes the best adventures are not the ones you plan. Today as I was driving to Yellowstone I took a wrong turn. I was going North East instead of South West. But this took me to Beartooth Pass. This is one of the most scenic drives I have seen yet. After turning around in Montana I drove over the pass again. I don’t mind driving through that area twice. After stopping at a mountain top lake for a picnic, I continued to Yellowstone.

My first stop once in the park was Tower Falls. The first thing that struck me was all of the tourists. So many people. After a short walk to the overview, I decided it wasn’t worth all of the commotion. Moving on to other areas.


I drove for a good bit just taking in the scenery, but I did stop at some geysers/hot-springs. The land feels very different, like you are on a different planet or in the time of dinosaurs. But the only animal life I saw was a hare.


After driving around a bit more, I stopped along a creek for dinner and to camp in my car. I enjoyed the nice quiet evening.

Today I went to the southern and more popular area of Yellowstone. Of course I stopped at Old Faithful. But I found that the areas I enjoyed most were not the most popular places. Just the drives along the rivers or going up one lane side roads had the best views and the added benefit of being peaceful compared the craziness that the main hubs attract.


After stopping in Cody to mail my shoes to be repaired, I headed out towards the Tetons to find a campsite before my hike tomorrow.


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