Log Entry 28 – Canmore


After driving through Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, I crossed the border into Canada with no difficulty. After a bit more driving, I made it to Canmore.

At Grassi Lakes, I met Tiger and Lauren in the parking lot. It is always nice when you find climbing partners easily. I am amazed by the pocketed limestone. There were holds I could stick my whole arm in.

One of Grassi Lakes more notable climbs is called Meathooks. It is an 11a that follows a very steeply overhung roof with super juggy pockets all the way up. We met another climber there, Jordan.


Jordan has been living out of his truck for 5 years. He was a geologist, but was recently laid off. He said that being out hiking in the middle of nowhere and not seeing anyone for 5 months was rather difficult on the mind. So now he was just starting a job as an assistant carpenter. He was rather insistent on the “assistant” part.

With Jordan being a stronger climber, he lead the way up Meathooks. I went next and could not make it past the lip of the roof. I tried several more times through out the day until I finally got it. Not a clean ascent, but I pulled all of the moves and felt good about that.


The next day I went back for more Meathooks. Roofs and overhangs are not my thing, so I figured this was time to improve. After doing a warm up with Brad and Peter at another spot, I waited at Meathooks for a climbing partner to show up.


After just a little waiting, A group came by to climb the route. I tried it, but was still worn out from my attempts the day before. I made it to the top, but still not a clean climb. After that, we went to find some easier things to climb.


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