Log Entry 34 – Olympic National Park


After climbing in Squamish, I needed a break. So I went hiking in the Olympic National Park. They were out of permits for the hike I originally wanted to do (Seven Basins), so instead I went to the Hoh Rainforest.

Having never hiked in a rainforest before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Rain I guess. And rain it did. All day.


I also did not expect the vegetation to be so thick. Very different compared to the forests in Squamish. I found it to be a bit oppressive at times.

At one point I passed a ranger who told me there was a mountain lion up the trail and to keep an eye out. Bears don’t really scare me that much, but mountain lions can get me on edge. With a bear, you at least know what you are dealing with. Mountain lions rely on stealth.


In the morning I woke up early and hiked a little farther to catch a glimpse of the mountains. On the way back, I noticed the lake I was camping by had its own personal cloud.

It didn’t rain today and the hike was down hill. Definitely more enjoyable than yesterday even though I was hiking farther. (Yesterday was 15 miles. Today is 19) I made good time and was back at my car by 2:30. I decided the best way to finish the day was going to the beach.


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