Log Entry 6 – South Dakota

Last night I stayed in Wonewoc WI. I highly suggest the campground at Legion Park. At first it surprised me how much “in town” it was. (Not that there is a whole lot of town in a little place like Wonewoc) As I pulled in, there was a lady walking around the park that welcomed me helped me out with some info. Very friendly. She said the police would probably pull in through the night to make sure everything is ok.

Doing Laundry

After setting up camp and cooking supper, I figured it was time to do some laundry. By the time that was finished it was getting dark and I went to bed. I slept well until about 2 am. I woke up with a very cold back. It had dipped into the thirties and I didn’t have an under quilt for my hammock. Tensing and relaxing my muscles for a bit help get the blood flowing. Though I had to do this several times through the night.

Monday: Long day of driving. Eastern Minnesota has some nice sandstone hills, but the western part is very flat and dull. Crossing into South Dakota is more flat and dull. It really felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. There were a couple of times I wondered when the next gas station would be. It is a good thing I have some gas stored in my cargo bin. Even better that I didn’t need it.


As I crossed the Missouri River, the landscape became more interesting. It was about quitting time, but this area doesn’t have many trees to sling a hammock from. Planning error on my part. I got to Fort Pierre National Grasslands and found a nice spot on top of a hill. (I love free places to camp). Since I didn’t have trees, I was just going to sleep on the ground with my rain tarp. But the cow pies changed that plan. The piles themselves were not too bad. It was all of the bugs in the poop that I wanted to avoid. Sleeping in the car tonight.


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  • Grandpa and grandma VW says:

    Seth, we think a lot about you and pray for you. We keep informed from your Dad and Mom and sisters. Sounds like you are enjoying your adventures. Keep dry and safe and enjoy you adventures. We love you and Jesus bless you.

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